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Trike - Tri Glide Ultra Classic



EDITION: 2010 | The 2011 Harley-Davidson FLHTCUTG Tri Glide Ultra Classic is engineered and road tested with the highest standards of the Motor Company and backed with over 100 years of experience. This trike provides up to 80 pounds of cargo space with the trunk and GTX King Tour Pak! Standard on this trike motorcycle is electric reverse with handle bar mounted control. You will truly enjoy the intuitive hand controls that allow for more comfortable riding. Another great feature of the Harley trike motorcycles, found on the Tri Glide Ultra Classic, is the bat wing fairing, with a full windshield and adjustable Lexan air deflectors on the sides. The Harley Tri Glide fairing is a nice comfort feature when touring on trike motorcycles.

    Iconic Engine
    • Twin Cam 103™ engine heritage: The knowledge of what makes an engine truly move a rider runs deep at The Motor Company, and it was put to good use when we created the Twin Cam 103™ engine. We sweated bullets perfecting every cubic inch, pushing design and technology forward. And we did it all without compromising one bit of Harley-Davidson's unique styling. Evolved, yet carrying on the legacy of the Flathead, Knucklehead, Panhead, Shovelhead, Evolution®, Twin Cam 88®, and Twin Cam 96™ engines that came before. The performance and durability are a direct result of the untold miles logged on the V-Twin since 1909, and the proud heritage that comes from a century's worth of commitment to life on two wheels.
    • Twin Cam 103™ engine innovation: Fire up the Twin Cam 103™ engine and feel the low-end torque unleashed. Thanks to the lightweight piston design, delivery of the added power is more refined than ever. Then put your foot on the shifter and feel how the engine and Six-Speed Cruise Drive® transmission were designed to work together. Six speeds. A strong driveline and strong internal parts. Low routine maintenance. And a low cruising rpm couldn't feel better. Together with the H-D® Smart Securtiy System and Anti-Lock Brakes, the Twin Cam 103™ engine headlines the "PowerPak" option that comes standard on the Road Glide® Ultra.
    • Pure Harley-Davidson® styling: Feast your eyes on the Twin Cam 96™ engine and there's no mistaking its roots. This is authentic Harley-Davidson® style through and through with an attention to detail you won't find from any other motorcycle company. Black powder-coated heads and cylinders are highlighted by polished rocker covers. It's a jewel machined out of metal. Pure. Dripping with power. From the classic edge of the cooling fins to the clean lines of cases and covers--the Twin Cam 96™ engine makes an ironclad statement to holding on to what's right and staying true to what satisfies the rider.
    • Six-Speed Cruise Drive®: You want a ride that rumbles--not begs for mercy--when you lean on it a little. The Six-Speed Cruise Drive® transmission provides smooth, quiet shifting and reduces engine speed on the highway, so you get a better match between engine turnover and road speed. It's a rare ride when a bike responds like this, and a low growl goes a long way when you're opening up the road ahead.
    • Four-point engine isolation system: After three decades of keeping the vibrations of the Big Twin from getting to the rider, Harley-Davidson® engineers decided to take something that is already great and make it even better, perfecting the delicate balance of shake, rattle and ride--comfortably. In 2009, we added a fourth isolation point to our three-point rubber engine isolation system. Just get that Big Twin idling and feel the difference.
    • Classic Harley-Davidson® rumble: Iconic, fierce, the most distinct decibels you'll ever hear bouncing off city canyons or scenic country landscapes. The sound of a Harley-Davidson® motorcycle has a rich history of its own. It's a classic roar. It's the sound of freedom, soul and self-expression.
    • 80W Harman/Kardon® advanced audio system: Naturally, the king of the road gets some royal extras. The premium Harman/Kardon® audio system boasts great sound for booming down the boulevard and highway, and, yeah, it might as well go to 11. It's loud, proud and comes with AM/FM receiver, CD and MP3 player, four speakers--even an intercom and CB. When it comes to hearing your tunes over the roar of the road or just keeping your own chatter free and easy, this system has it all.
    • Electric reverse with handlebar-mounted control: A new level of control for our stock Trike lineup. Electric reverse with LED indicator is now standard. It's one of those things we do because we know what you expect from the ultimate Harley-Davidson® touring machine. And we know the kind of performance you expect at your fingertips.
    • High output accessory connector: Harley-Davidson® touring means maximum comfort in all conditions and the capacity to add whatever enhances and personalizes your ride. The high output charging system provides an electrical capacity robust enough for your add-ons: heated vests, heated seats, heated handgrips, lights to showcase the engine, you name it So if you're hell-bent on two-wheeling it, we make sure you've got the juice to do it your way.
    • Cruise control: If you're ready to take touring to the next level the standard cruise feature will help you settle in for the long haul. Get the comfort of the cruise without the cables cluttering up your handlebar. Our electronic throttle control technology makes it possible to have the best of both worlds.
    • Artfully hidden technology: Harley-Davidson® leverages the latest in technology without compromising style and function. That means we hide electronics. The whole wiring harness is skillfully routed behind the jewels of the bike--the tank, engine and all the other eye-popping features you want to see. It's just another way The Motor Company goes the extra mile to give its bikes that premium, top-of-the-line fit and finish.
    • Intuitive controls: Hand controls on a Harley-Davidson® motorcycle are incredibly intuitive. The turn signals are self-canceling and, based on the speed and angle of the motorcycle, they know how long to stay on. Engaging the controls quickly becomes second nature so you can focus less on turning off your signal and more on basking in the freedom of the ride.
    • H-D® Smart Security System (optional): The factory installed next-generation security system features a hands-free fob that automatically arms and disarms the vehicle electronic security functions as you approach and walk away from the bike. Stick the fob on your ignition key ring and let it do all the work. It's this attention to details and security that make Harley-Davidson® motorcycles unique.
    • Three-wheel frame design: Trikes are bound to ride a little differently than two-wheeled machines. But when they're done right, they have a particular joy of their own. Harley-Davidson uses legendary engineering and ride dynamics to keep you comfortable and connected to the road. This three-wheeled pioneer is built from the ground up for maximum handling. The frame and chassis structure is engineered to specifically handle the steering forces and weight of a three-wheel vehicle. And we defy you find a more comfortable ride on the touring circuit--from two to four to eighteen wheels.
    • Optimized steering: A long, raked out fork makes sure the Tri Glide™ Ultra Classic® model rides as smooth as it looks, offering reduced effort for steering. Plus a steering damper controls feedback from the road. So when you're out with your bagger buddies, you'll stay right at the front of the pack.
    • Dual disc front and Hayes™ rear brakes: We've installed the ultimate complement to the reliable dual-disc front brakes. The top-of-the-line Hayes™ dual-disc assembly in back comes complete with hand-actuated parking brake. So whether you're descending a mountain of switchbacks or just trying to park in San Francisco, you can ease your mind.
    • Tuned to be ridden: Harley-Davidson® motorcycles are different from any other bike out on the road. There's a balance to them. The steering, the maneuverability--it's all in concert. And each Harley-Davidson® model is tuned differently to create a unique riding experience for each individual no matter which bike they swing their leg over. Let's face it, we didn't get to where we are by being like everyone else.
    • Vented fairing lowers: Don't be a prisoner to the elements outside--take control of your ride with the color-matched faring lowers on the Ultra Classic® Electra Glide® model. Pop them off for a cooler ride or leave them fixed to fight the wind tooth and nail. Use the lockable glove boxes to empty your pockets, ditch your phone, and ride free. When it comes to Touring, Harley-Davidson® is all about optimal comfort every time you hunt down a horizon.
    • Mid-frame air deflectors: Designed and tested to deflect heat generated from the V-Twin, the mid-frame air deflectors are enlisted for duty on every ride, especially the hotter days. These low-profile black deflectors are mounted to the frame of the Tri Glide™ Ultra Classic® model just below the seat, and move the heat away from your legs and body. Summer rides just got more comfortable.
    • New Two-Up seat with passenger backrest: The two-up seat combines a streamlined look with comfort and convenience for either long weekend hauls or journeys beyond the state line. Premium seat material stitched together with great attention to detail and ergonomically engineered to keep your bottom side comfortable with high-tech foam filler, you can go solo for miles or bring along a passenger to share the experience. The seat features a passenger backrest that is integrated into the Tour-Pak® lid with wrap-around armrests to add to your riding partner's comfort. It's science in service of comfort, and your way to beat fatigue over the long haul.
    • Full-length footboards: Your boots were made for riding, in any way you see fit. Our full-length footboards boast a tried and true design that's stood the test of time. Plenty of foot positions for your taste and comfort. Rubber vibration isolation for a comfortable ride. And heel-toe shifting for confident shifting every time. It takes a few rides, but once you've gotten used to the smooth heel-toe rhythm, you'll never give it up. The toes of your boots won't take the same beating, either.
    • Wide set handlebar: Classic style and maximum comfort. That's the perfect balance of the wide set handlebars that come standard on the Road King® model. They're designed to keep you comfortably propped in a commanding position while making sure your neck muscles stay calm and relaxed mile after mile, state after state. Durable stainless steel insures the structural rigidity you expect from a Harley-Davidson® motorcycle with the deep, lustrous finish you desire.
    • 2-1-2 exhaust: Welcome to the crossroads of pure Harley-Davidson® style and smart engineering. The "Tommy Gun" 2-1-1 exhaust helps direct heat away from the rider and passenger, while providing ample performance, signature Harley-Davidson® rumble, and big style.
    • Engine idle temperature management strategy: Our motorcycles are built to be ridden. A lot. So that means that rider comfort is top of the mind. Always. With the Engine Idle Temperature Management Strategy (EITMS) feature, the motorcycle automatically cuts fuel and fire from rear cylinder when idling, which helps reduce engine heat felt by rider and passenger. This feature can easily be turned on by your dealer.
    • Seat engineering and design: The seat is home for Harley-Davidson® motorcycle riders. They want a seat that has unique style without sacrificing comfort. Because of that, Harley-Davidson® invests a lot of time in researching, designing and testing seats so that every bike has just the right saddle.
    • Length: 105.8 in.
    • Seat Height, Laden: 27.1 in.
    • Seat Height, Unladen: 28.9 in.
    • Ground Clearance: 4.7 in.
    • Rake Steering Head: 26°
    • Trail: 3.94 in.
    • Wheelbase: 66.6 in.
    • Fuel Capacity: 6 gal
    • Oil Capacity: 4 qt.
    • Dry Weight: 1157 lbs.
    • Running Order: 1191 lbs.
    • Luggage Capacity Volume: 6.7 cu. ft.
    • Luggage Capacity Weight: 80 lbs.
    • Engine: Air cooled, Twin Cam 103™
    • Displacement: 103 cu. in.
    • Bore x Stroke: 3.875 in. x 4.375 in.
    • Engine Torque: 101 ft. lbs. @ 3500 rpm, J1349
    • Fuel System: Electronic Sequential Port Fuel Injection (ESPFI)
    • Compression Ratio: 9.6:1
    • Primary Drive: Chain, 34/46 ratio
    • Fuel Economy City: 33 mpg
    • Fuel Economy Hwy: 48 mpg
    • Gear Ratio 1st: 10.537
    • Gear Ratio 2nd: 7.303
    • Gear Ratio 3rd: 5.425
    • Gear Ratio 4th: 4.393
    • Gear Ratio 5th: 3.742
    • Gear Ratio 6th: 3.157
    • Front Wheel: Black, 7-spoke Cast Aluminum
    • Rear Wheel: Black, 7-spoke Cast Aluminum
    • Front Tire Size: MT90B16 72H
    • Rear Tire Size: P205/65R15
    • Instruments: Fairing-mounted electronic speedometer with odometer; time-of-day clock on CD player/stereo; dual trip meter; low fuel indicator light and mileage countdown feature; low oil pressure indicator light; engine diagnostics readout; LED indicator lights; 6-speed indicator light; cruise control indicator light
    • Indicator Lamps: High Beam, running lights, front fender running lights, directional light bar, low oil pressure, engine diagnostics, cruise control, speakers, accessory, security system (optional), 6 speed, low fuel warning, reverse enabled
    • Brakes: 32 mm, 4 piston fixed front, 31.75mm single piston floating rear
    • Parking Brake: Lever actuated dual parking brake
    • Exhaust System: Chrome, 2-1-2 dual exhaust with tapered mufflers
    • 2-year unlimited mileage
    • Merlot Sunglo/Vivid Black
    • Cool Blue Pearl/Vivid Black
    Authentic Styling
    • Seamless styling and matching paint: This three-wheeled pioneer is designed, developed and tested to the highest standards of the Motor Company and backed by over a hundred years of touring mastery. This is not a bolt-on, aftermarket Trike kit. It's engineered and road-tested as a whole. Every inch is integrated for comfort, cargo and confidence. From the smooth, classically designed lines to the front-to-rear matching paint, the Tri Glide™ Ultra Classic® model has the bloodlines of a true Harley-Davidson® motorcycle through and through.
    • Split seven-spoke front and rear wheels: No Harley-Davidson® motorcycle is complete without a killer set of wheels. Here, the split seven-spoke cast aluminum wheels give the Tri Glide™ Ultra Glide® model an integrated factory-built look, adding emphasis to the deliberate detail and engineering of this three-wheeled touring masterpiece.
    • King Tour Pak® and trunk: Put the "haul" in long haul with a cargo capacity of 6.7 cubic feet and up to 80 pounds. On top of the extra stowaway space, the waterproof, injection-molded Tour Pak® keeps things classy and neat with woven-nylon soft luggage liners, plenty of storage pockets and distinctive, wrap-around rear lights. But anyone who's taken their Harley-Davidson® Trike for a cross-country trek or a trip to Biketoberfest knows it's a trunk that turns luxury touring into luxury living on the road.
    • Bat-Wing fairing and smoked air deflectors: Designed by Chief Styling Officer Willie G. Davidson, the nimble, fork-mounted Bat-Wing fairing first appeared on the touring scene back in 1969. And it continues to evolve and symbolize the essence of Grand American Touring motorcycles more than forty years later. The full 8-inch windscreen gives it that classic touring profile and additional comfort. Add to it the full, clear Lexan® windshield and adjustable, smoked Lexan® air deflectors on the fairing sides and the wind is simply not a factor for the mile-hungry rider who wants to soak up the freedom of the open road for days on end.
    • Premium paint: Up to two times thicker than the competition, custom quality paint comes standard on all Harley-Davidson® motorcycles. Clearcoat layering up to five mils deep. Bigger metal flakes. Unique effects in the pearl colors. Skimping simply is not in our vocabulary.
    • Hand finished fuel tank: All Harley-Davidson® fuel tanks are finished by hand--that's what makes them stand out from the competition. Their seamless design and unmatched style are unique among all motorcycles on the road. The tanks are one of the first and last things people notice when they lay their eyes on a Harley-Davidson® motorcycle--so we make it worth their time.



    Engine Type
    Air cooled, Twin Cam 103™
    103 cu. in.
    Bore and Stroke
    3.875 in. x 4.375 in.
    Air Cooled
    Compression Ratio
    Fuel System
    Electronic Sequential Port Fuel Injection (ESPFI)


    Front Brakes
    32 mm, 4 piston fixed
    Rear Brakes
    31.75mm single piston floating
    Front Tire
    MT90B16 72H
    Rear Tire


    66.6 in.
    Seat Height
    28.9 in.
    3.94 in.
    Fuel Capacity
    6 gal
    City: 33 mpg, Hwy: 48 mpg
    Dry Weight
    1157 lbs.


    6-speed Transmission
    Final Drive
    Chain, 34/46 ratio


    Merlot Sunglo/Vivid Black, Cool Blue Pearl/Vivid Black
    2-year Unlimited Mileage