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Next Generation of Riders | Thursday, October 24th | 5pm - 7pm

It's time to take life by the horns - in this case, by the bars! The new year has come and its time for a fresh start! A ride on a Harley‑Davidson® motorcycle can make any weekend epic. It can turn a daily commute into an adrenaline-fest. A Harley‑Davidson blows things wide open. Pure freedom. As big and real as it gets.

Harley-Davidson of Scottsdale is committed to introducing the next generation of riders to the thrill and freedom of riding a Harley-Davidson motorcycle. On Thursday, October 24th, join us for our 'Next Generation of Riders' night (5pm - 7pm) where we will go over any questions about how to get started and a basic overview of everything from learning to ride to gear that fits your style. 

Already ride? Great! We bet you have some friends and family that you've love to tear up the open road with - invite them to this event! Be prepared to be blown away by all that Harley-Davidson has to offer. 

All attendees will be entered to win either a Intro to Motorcycling class or a Basic Rider Course taught by TEAM Arizona. We will also have additional giveaways including t-shirts and H-D gear. Dinner will also be provided.

We will also have the JUMPSTART ready-to-go for anyone who wants to feel the rumble! The Harley-Davidson JUMPSTART Rider Experience combines a Harley-Davidson motorcycle and a specially-designed, stationary support stand. No knowledge or motorcycle experience necessary. 

How does it work?

- You'll mount the bike, set your boots on the foot pegs and fire up the engine under the watchful eye of one of our trained personnel. Give the throttle a twist and hear the unforgettable Harley sound. 

- Sitting comfortable on the bike, you'll continue to shift through the gears - all safely and securely attached to the JUMPSTART platform